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Westshore Sunrise Rotary Club Continues to Support the Children of Haiti

The Westshore Sunrise Rotary Club has planned for a short visit to Port au Prince at the end of October to check on the two Orphanage Projects they have been supporting for a number of years.  In light of Hurricane Mathew, this trip is highly important and very timely.

Volunteers Rick Fisher, Hilary Groos and Bob Beckett, on behalf the Westshore Sunrise Rotary Club are heading down to Haiti on October 28th for a short visit.  While there they will be checking on the Baby Jesus of Prague Orphanage, however the focus will be on the needs of the more recent project:  The Divine Hands Orphanage.

With that in mind and recognizing that the short timeline, the team has identified and prioritized the following objectives

  • Assuming, upon review of the teams findings, the Westshore Sunrise Rotary Club chooses to pursue the matter/project further, while at the orphanage we need to get high quality video and potentially some short interviews in order to create a video data bank to be used for future media related releases and various fundraising events.

  • Meet with the orphanage Director, Doris Abraham and:

    • Confirm that they wish to purchase the site that they are currently renting.
    • Confirm the cost of the property and if appropriate documentation/land title can be provided.
    • Determine any additional needs of the site and children.
  • Meet with the UN/RCMP and other CDN Police officers who are committed to helping the Divine Hands Orphanage.  We need to seek the input and counsel of these officers on the current situation and their perspective on the possibility of the Westshore Sunrise Rotary Club purchasing the current orphanage site that they are currently renting.  This purchase would effectivity eliminate the rental costs which in turn could go to schooling and housing.

  • As a result of the recent storm, and based on the reports from the Baby Jesus of Prague Orphanage, we will also attempt to assist with the acquisition of food and supplies as well as attempt to investigate the school fee situation that is impacting both orphanages.

 For further information please contact:

Bob Beckett

Westshore Rotarian