Langford Fire

January 20, 2018

The Rotary Club of WestShore is committed to ensuring that Divine Hand (La Main Divine) Orphanage is financially stable and self-sufficient by the end of 2019.

This is achievable and this is our goal. Since the 2010 earthquake, WestShore Rotary and a team of many volunteers have made over 15 trips to Haiti. We are now seeking at least 160 donors to donate $25 a month for the next 24 months. These are tax deductible donations that can be made each month or a one-time donation of $600.

Over the past 3 years, Doris Abraham who is the extraordinary director of Divine Hands, has embraced the need for self-sufficiency. With the help of Rotary, she has established 3 profitable businesses at the orphanage: an egg-production operation, a potable water distribution site, and most recently a small bakery. The children all help with these operations, learning life skills, benefiting from additional sources of protein and through selling the products to the local community in Fond Parisien, a town only 40km east of Port au Prince, yet on a good day, over an hour drive. These 3 businesses help offset the significant overhead costs involved in taking care of 52 children.

On April 17 of this year, another team of volunteers will visit Doris and the children at Divine Hands in Haiti, with the goal of helping her complete various building improvements to the house and property. They will also be assisting her on additional revenue-producing projects towards realizing her and our goal of achieving self-sufficiency.

These children attend school and are receiving an education. Their health is good, they are learning life skills thanks to Doris and they have a roof over their heads. Divine Hands and Doris’ 52 children are worthy of our support.

If you would like to donate or would simply like to know more information about our work in Haiti, please do not hesitate to contact Bob Beckett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Bruce Brown at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To make a one-time donation:

  • simply click the donate button on this page, or
  • send a cheque to the Westshore Sunrise Rotary Foundation (PO Box 28016, RPO Westshore, 2945 Jacklin Road Victoria, BC V9B 5E3) or
  • donate in person at either Glenwood Meats (1245 Parkdale Rd, Langford) or at Langford Fire Rescue (2625 Peatt Road, Langford).

To make a $25 monthly donation via paypal, click the donate button and check "make this a monthly donation".

Thank you for your interest and support of Doris and her children at La Main Divine.