Langford Fire

Where do I begin, like all our trips there is so much to do, but each step, each act of kindness results in the children's world being just a little better in a country that is so poor and in such need.

Since arriving we have:20160129 Birthday cake cropped

  • started the hen house,
  • visited the new site for the building,
  • met with a lawyer to review the land title
  • purchased $1,600.00 worth of food
  • celebrated a birthday with cake for 60
  • met with the director of the Baby Jesus Orphanage where we have agreed to duplicate the hen project.
  • purchased a generator for Divine Hands
  • bought two tables for the kitchen to replace the plywood on tires that they are currently using.

Today we are hoping to buy a couple of black boards on the way to Divine Hands. Once there we will:

  • be out buying chicken cages for both orphanages,
  • finalizing arrangements for an outing for the entire orphanage which looks like Saturday rather than Sunday with some potential travel restrictions due to the protests and road blocks.    
  • acquiring the building materials for the Baby Jesus project
  • and finishing off the hen house at Divine Hands.

The entire team continues to amaze me, never missing a beat, always willing to go the extra mile and never complaining about the challenges that are constant here in Port au Prince,

As we get ready to head out, we would be remiss if we did not once again acknowledge the many, many generous donors and supporters of us and this project.

Bob and Team 20160129 multi photo