Langford Fire


The Rotary Club of Westshore Sunrise is continuing to assist the Divine Hands Orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with the ultimate goal of building their own facility.  In 2014, a team of volunteers from the Victoria area visited the Divine Hands Orphanage and found that they were days away from closing the doors which would have resulted in 52 children being put out on the street.  With a small grant from Rotary and the help of many generous Victoria-area donors, the team of volunteers were able to help with a number of short-term projects allowing Doris and her children to continue to stay in relative safety and comfort.

The team returned home and appealed to the Westshore Sunrise Rotary Club to further assist the orphanage with future assistance including the primary goal of acquiring property to build their own facility that would allow them to save annual rental costs and end their fears of forced relocation, which has occurred to this orphanage in the past several years.

The same small volunteer team will be returning to the Divine Hands Orphanage on January 26, 2016 to further these goals.  In addition, during this trip we hope to accomplish the following  goals: